Thursday, April 24, 2008

Send Bubble Wrap, Please

Apparently, and those of you who really know me well will not be surprised by this, I am made of fine china, delicate crystal and satin.

Today I went to the dermatologist. I have had a breakout of tragic proportions for the past couple of months and I finally gave in and went to see the man. Argh! First the braces, now the acne - what's left? When next you see me, will I be anxiously waiting for Monte S. to meet me at the dollar movie to see Batman? It's like I'm 14!

But I digress. As I was mentioning, I was informed today that I am very fragile. The doc says that I have an infection causing these fantastical breakouts (if you're curious, google "hubble space telescope" I'm sure there are some great shots of this breakout you can see from space!). The kicker? The infection is most likely my immune system reacting to... wait for it... stress.

"Do you have any unusual stress right now?" Me? No. Smooth sailing all the way.

The point is, I came home with some new drugs - yay antibiotics! - and I have to switch shampoo. But that should take care of it. Well, until I get stress again. ~smile~

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