Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eris Finds a Toe-Hold

Update: Oh my gosh!!! If it's possible, I have an even bigger crush! Webb has already emailed back (and it's like 10 at night there) with a charming email (love those Brits) and the items I asked for and an article that contradicted his work just to cover my bases ("even though it is hard on my ego"). Could he be more wonderful?!

Thanks, in large part, to some encouraging words from the Duchess, and in small part to my stumbling bass-ackwards into a research topic I am really interested in and could actually fill a hole, I now have a geeky research crush. Two actually.

Some Brittons (Fisher and Webb) have done some interesting work adjacent to my topic, and I am now actively stalking their every move. I know this is boring to most everyone else, except again, maybe the Duchess (their PoliSci guys!) but I just had to share my excitement. I just sent these two gents an email about their work and requested a chance to chat.

I am giddy with anticipation at their response. My advisor stated that the email I wrote, "has an adequate amount of flattery" so I hope to get a favorable response. I haven't been this excited since I tried to get backstage at the last Neil Diamond concert.

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Muriel said...

I think I've actually seen these guys on the BBC! Don't get excited, it was on the guide. I didn't actually watch it. I just remember the Webb that's all.