Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I am Brian

I couldn't wait to vote. I first recognized that I had political leanings and passionate beliefs when I was 7 years old and I stayed up all night to watch the election returns in 1984. I sobbed when Walter Mondale lost... mostly because I couldn't believe that people didn't want to vote for a girl! (Look it up, folks.)

When I was 18, I rushed to register to vote. I was so excited when the League of Women Voters came to my high school for a registration drive. Don't believe me? I present to you, Exhibit A, my original voter registration form from 1995 (because, yes, I still have it):

In 18 years as a registered voter, I have missed one election. It was this last summer and I missed the polls closing because I was busy being political somewhere else. Luckily, the bond issue I supported passed without my help, but it haunts me. Oh yes, that election haunts me.

Today was Election Day. My favorite day of the year! One of the things that bugs me most about living where I live is that my polling location changes every election. Tonight I drove to no fewer than seven previous polling places before I landed at the right one. But I made it: I voted. And now I get to sit back, enjoy my apple beer, and watch the returns from an off-year election roll in (they don't really roll from Weber County, but I'm watching these other states like a mad fiend!).

Let the party begin!