Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Way!

Today I sat in my TA class and listened to the instructor wondering why I even bothered to be there to hear a lecture about PR in entertainment and sports when she used an example:
"My husband's cousin is the manager of the Red Sox. And when they won in 04 Terry had to..."

I don't really know what she said after that because I sort of blacked out. Yes, that's right. I teach with a woman who is related to Terry Freaking Francona! Seriously, when I asked her after class to clarify that she was speaking of Terry Francona and she said yes, my stomach lurched and I was speechless. She didn't really understand why.

Man! How awesome is that?!

(Duchess, as is the case with any music related posts, you are not allowed to comment here. Oh, but sorry about the jersey in the foundation of your new stadium - that was uncool.)

PS - Welcome Pope!


Muriel said...

Maybe you should hit her up for tickets to a game. I know where you could get a buddy pass to fly to Boston. And speaking of buddy passes, she said you are welcome to one if she has one when you need it to see Daniel Radcliffe naked.

The Duchess said...

You don't need to apologize about the jersey in the building. The Yankees dug it up, auctioned it off and donated the money to the Jimmy Fund, which is a Red Sox charity.

The whole episode proved our nobility while proving your...enter any bitter ridiculous noun here...wink...

Eris said...

It was awesome to donate to the Jimmy Fund. Very cool. Noble? That might be pushing it.

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