Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Plan in the World

Today I called the local elementary school because we hadn't heard about Kindergarten Round-up for Little Ms. Eris. It seems to me that Little Mr. Eris went in early April, so I thought I'd check it out.

Yeah, we missed it.

"How did we miss it?" I asked the nice secretary lady. "Well, didn't Little Mr. Eris bring home the flier for you to sign up? That's how we made the list this year."

Note to the folks at Acme Elementary: Little Mr. Eris doesn't bring home the hot-pink notes informing me he has no lunch money. Remember when he had to eat PB&J and not the turkey lunch the day before Thanksgiving break because he was like $4.00 in the hole? You cannot send notes home with a 10-year-old boy and expect them to make it past the blackhole that is his desk or out of the super-nova-black-hole that is his backpack.

Don't worry. We can drop by for a packet and they want to test her in early May. Cross your fingers for First Grade!


Athena said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, some kids don't grow out of it.

I despise the last minute "Mom, I need lunch money or I can't eat today" speech as I'm walking out the door int he morning. Maybe they shouldn't eat for a few days and they would learn their lesson!

Muriel said...

You want her to miss out on Kindergarten and learn everything she ever needs to know in life? Blasphemy, I tell you.

cuz2u said...

My 10 year old doesn't even bring home the report cards. Glad there is internet. And my guess they don't out groww it because Mr. still has that problem.

Loki said...
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Loki said...

I still can't remember what I was supposed to bring home last week...let alone any pink notes. Now if you attached it to a free coupon for BBQ ribs I would guard it with my life...until then don't count on me remembering what I am supposed to do tomorrow let alone a note.

Muriel said...

The kids here come home with "LUNCH MONEY IS NEEDED" stamped on their foreheads. OK, it's really just stamped on their hands. It proves to be very effective. Definitely something that can't be left at school. Maybe you should suggest that to Lunch Lady Land.