Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Toot! Toot!

Finished everything for the semester about one hour ago. This means I have officially survived a full year of doctoral work - how many of you are still in the pool? I think I crapped out at 8 months, so you're doing better than I.

Anywho, I bought four books after I dropped off my last paper because I had no pleasure books at home to bring for the train. I am writing this from the Frontrunner. Lovely. Spectacular. Gorgeous. Free Wi-fi. I'm never driving to SLC again.

I feel so metropolitan.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Send Bubble Wrap, Please

Apparently, and those of you who really know me well will not be surprised by this, I am made of fine china, delicate crystal and satin.

Today I went to the dermatologist. I have had a breakout of tragic proportions for the past couple of months and I finally gave in and went to see the man. Argh! First the braces, now the acne - what's left? When next you see me, will I be anxiously waiting for Monte S. to meet me at the dollar movie to see Batman? It's like I'm 14!

But I digress. As I was mentioning, I was informed today that I am very fragile. The doc says that I have an infection causing these fantastical breakouts (if you're curious, google "hubble space telescope" I'm sure there are some great shots of this breakout you can see from space!). The kicker? The infection is most likely my immune system reacting to... wait for it... stress.

"Do you have any unusual stress right now?" Me? No. Smooth sailing all the way.

The point is, I came home with some new drugs - yay antibiotics! - and I have to switch shampoo. But that should take care of it. Well, until I get stress again. ~smile~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This One's for the Duchess

Ok, people. Attention!!! Up here. Thank you.

All right, can we all agree that Hillary Rodham Clinton is an accomplished woman? A law degree, worked on the Watergate case, a mother and wife (in her case, quite an accomplishment), a Senator, and a darn smart cookie all around? Right? We're agreed. Excellent.


And while we're at it - can we all stop griping about how she's playing so dirty and nasty when all she's doing is challenging the front runner? It's the classic tough woman = bitch tactic.

Perfect! Now that we're all agreed, feel free to follow me in the "YAY, Obama" parade. But while you're marching, show the woman some respect, dammit.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Plan in the World

Today I called the local elementary school because we hadn't heard about Kindergarten Round-up for Little Ms. Eris. It seems to me that Little Mr. Eris went in early April, so I thought I'd check it out.

Yeah, we missed it.

"How did we miss it?" I asked the nice secretary lady. "Well, didn't Little Mr. Eris bring home the flier for you to sign up? That's how we made the list this year."

Note to the folks at Acme Elementary: Little Mr. Eris doesn't bring home the hot-pink notes informing me he has no lunch money. Remember when he had to eat PB&J and not the turkey lunch the day before Thanksgiving break because he was like $4.00 in the hole? You cannot send notes home with a 10-year-old boy and expect them to make it past the blackhole that is his desk or out of the super-nova-black-hole that is his backpack.

Don't worry. We can drop by for a packet and they want to test her in early May. Cross your fingers for First Grade!

Monday, April 21, 2008

This Could Be a Long Career

Ah, the academic elite. You gotta love them. Last week I had dinner at a professor's house with two other graduate students. We had a nice hippy meal (cold spinach soup to start) and some very fun conversation, getting to know each other better. Briefly, the professor is woman in her mid to late 40s, the other two students are women in their mid to late 20s, one single the other married. I was the only one at the table with children.

At some point during the dinner one of them asked me if I was going to have any more children. (My answer to that question changes daily, hourly even, and I am not going to make any final decisions at the age of 31.) I told them, quite honestly, that I had no idea.

The room exploded as three women, none of whom have children and two of whom have never been married, said things like: "Be done, Eris!" "Think of the population, haven't you had enough?" And my favorite, "The planet needs you to stop."

Sweet, holy buckets. I expect this kind of stuff from my family and friends, who know what a terrible mother I am and so have a vested interest in seeing that I don't bring any more children into this world. But three nearly complete strangers?! Um, if you're looking for your beeswax, none if it is in my uterus.

I quickly changed the subject, but have been thinking... if two of those women are never going to have children, as they claimed, then I can have at least 6 to make up for their 4? Is that the way it goes?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Way!

Today I sat in my TA class and listened to the instructor wondering why I even bothered to be there to hear a lecture about PR in entertainment and sports when she used an example:
"My husband's cousin is the manager of the Red Sox. And when they won in 04 Terry had to..."

I don't really know what she said after that because I sort of blacked out. Yes, that's right. I teach with a woman who is related to Terry Freaking Francona! Seriously, when I asked her after class to clarify that she was speaking of Terry Francona and she said yes, my stomach lurched and I was speechless. She didn't really understand why.

Man! How awesome is that?!

(Duchess, as is the case with any music related posts, you are not allowed to comment here. Oh, but sorry about the jersey in the foundation of your new stadium - that was uncool.)

PS - Welcome Pope!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Let the Withdrawals Begin

For the past year Little Mr. Eris and I have been reading the Harry Potter series. We took turns reading out loud with the Little Mr. starting and ending each book. It was so fun to watch him fill in the blanks or realize the plot points that the movies leave out. Then we started "The Half-blood Prince" - he had never seen the movie and so had no idea where the story was going. He was on the edge of his seat.

A month ago we procured three copies of "The Deathly Hallows" and the Numismatist read with us. She read on her own most of the time, but about once a week we got together to read. It was so fun! Today we finished the book, and consequently the series. (I loved this book the first time I read it - in 36 hours - and love it even more now!)

Anyway, the Little Mr. is now pouting all around the house saying things like, "I wish there were 19 books" and "Now, what are we going to do?" Oh. My. Gosh. He is so cute and sad. He seems to be worried that we won't be spending any time together now that I don't have the Weasley twins as a draw.

I have assured him that we will read more. We are starting "Call of the Wild" next, and then will move on to "Chronicles of Narnia." Suggestions for the book list are welcome!

Sidenote: His Accelerated Reading goal at school is 442%. He has decided to hold the book 7 test for his next goal.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eris Finds a Toe-Hold

Update: Oh my gosh!!! If it's possible, I have an even bigger crush! Webb has already emailed back (and it's like 10 at night there) with a charming email (love those Brits) and the items I asked for and an article that contradicted his work just to cover my bases ("even though it is hard on my ego"). Could he be more wonderful?!

Thanks, in large part, to some encouraging words from the Duchess, and in small part to my stumbling bass-ackwards into a research topic I am really interested in and could actually fill a hole, I now have a geeky research crush. Two actually.

Some Brittons (Fisher and Webb) have done some interesting work adjacent to my topic, and I am now actively stalking their every move. I know this is boring to most everyone else, except again, maybe the Duchess (their PoliSci guys!) but I just had to share my excitement. I just sent these two gents an email about their work and requested a chance to chat.

I am giddy with anticipation at their response. My advisor stated that the email I wrote, "has an adequate amount of flattery" so I hope to get a favorable response. I haven't been this excited since I tried to get backstage at the last Neil Diamond concert.

Friday, April 04, 2008

What is Your Quest?


I am now on my fourth revision of a study proposal that has been reviewed by four people including my temporary advisor, two IRB staffers and our department rep on the IRB - all of whom said some version of, "Looks great. No problem."

Um, this study will never happen and from now on, I'm quantitative all the way.

Because the rabbit was so entertaining, I am adding this to drive home my point. Seriously IRB committee: "African or European?"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Look at the Bones!"

Remember the gang of deer? Tonight I crossed a bunny's path while walking to my car. It looked sort of like this.