Monday, October 29, 2007

Get Me a Freaking Match

Today marked the beginning of week 10. Let me say that with all the work and stress, I am still loving it. Except for my Monday night class: Free Speech in Society. This is a class that I should love. It's political science-ish mixed in with cultural effects of 1st Amendment rulings in the Supreme Court.

The problem? you ask. Well, the class is made up of six people, including me. A newlywed couple, two guys from CA and two women auditing the class prior to matriculation for the MA program. The two women have mentioned to me that they feel uncomfortable in the class because the other four talk over them constantly and make them feel stupid. I hate being in class with these four people.

They are the worst kind of academics: never worked or had any life experience outside of school (unless you count the 3 months one spent living in London) and they are absolutist on everything.

It is not often I am the most conservative person in the room, but these people make me look like Rush Limbaugh. Actual quotes include:

"Yes, we should burn down the university and give the land back to the people we stole it from."
"I'd love to burn a flag every day because it represents a fascist government."

Ugh! The thing that totally bugs me about people like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity is their complete inability to recognize subtle shades of gray in social issues. Not everything is black and white and you cannot live life as though it is. Well, these folks are the liberal equivalent of those nut jobs.

I just want to burn down their sweet little ivory tower.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How Sweep It Is

Red Sox sweep Colorado! Woot-woot!!

PS: (Sorry about the pun, it had to be done.)
PPS: To the Numismatist, Mr. Numismatist, Nancy and Anna - my sympathies.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Brace yourself for the most exciting news, EVER! I have downloaded the written transcript of the Senate and House floor debates on McCain-Feingold (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act) of 2002.

If you would like to join me in content analyzing these transcripts for semiotic differences in the terms used to help identify ideological biases - specifically related to the First Amendment and money as speech/expression... please, just let me know.

Fine. Mr. Eris wasn't thrilled about it either.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I drove home from work though snow tonight. Lots of really good, wet snow. I almost stopped the car to get out and let the flakes fall on my tongue.

I love Fall and Winter. Summer can kiss it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's My Turn... Again

K of the Michigan cuzes was tagged, and she asked that I play along. I love her, and I feel that I owe some folks something positive on here (I worry that I've done nothing but complain to you, my blogging family).

So, here's my new list of random things:

1. I sometimes fear that I am living in my own version of the Truman Show. Is that odd or narcisistic... or both?

2. I can eat an entire bag/container/carton/etc. of the following items in one sitting: Doritos, cookie dough, pink & white circus animal crackers, Pepsi, eggnog, Aunt Paula's chocolates, saltine crackers. I can't eat most of these things anymore, but if I did - I could polish em off!

3. I can't sleep without a blanket on me. If I try, I dream that I am being attacked by sharks.

4. I have never done all my visiting teaching more than two months in a row.

5. The Numismatist once told me that I have "the ability to make people want to kill themselves, regardless of my words, just by the tone of my voice." I like to think that's a compliment.

6. I sometimes wish I had sowed my wild oats before I got married. I was young and innocent enough when I got married that I don't think I even had oats - so I never got to make it (sorry Mom) with some foxy, long-haired hippy river guide named Chase. And, yes, I realize that was very specific.

7. I don't like gravy on my mashed potatoes. I prefer to eat them with corn.

8. My shirts must all hang facing the same direction on the hanger and be arranged by shade in rainbow order. Same thing with the pants.

9. I have a strong fear of the Nincompoop syndrome. If I can make it to 32 without going certifiable, I'll have beaten the curse.

10. I can play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with anyone. I have never been beaten. 8 years of Blockbuster, baby! I may be a little rusty now, but I'll bet I'm still a top-tier competitor.

Ok, I'm supposed to tag other people now that I'm done, but the only person I know who I haven't seen do this is Steph B. So, I'd like my sour tummy buddy to add her own list.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Praying for the Sweet Release of Death

I like to think I am pretty tough. I generally handle pain pretty well, and I have lived my life convinced of the fact that if I had to knock someone out I could do it. Last night tested my view of myself.

It started on Saturday with a little headache. Yesterday it was still there, but I thought I could make it through work and then take a nap at home and be done. By the time I got home at 7 I was bushed. By 8 I was hunched over the toilet jamming a toothbrush down my throat. By 8:15 I was curled up on my bed crying. Finally, at 8:45 I told Mr. Eris I needed to go to the hospital.

Three natural child births and I have never experienced pain like this. And I couldn't breathe my way out of it.

We spent 3 hours in the ER where they gave me a CT scan. Then they gave me a shot of Imitrex, which I normally don't like because it leaves me with a nasty post-headache-headache. But this time I took it gratefully.

Then the nicest man in the whole world gave me a shot for nausea and pain and to help me sleep. This was the best damn shot I have ever had - even though my bum still hurts. I want to marry that man.

So today I am sitting on my bed eating (something I couldn't do yesterday!) and working on homework. I am extending my fall break one more day, as I am not allowed to drive with all this happy shot still in my system.

PS - The Numismatist took care of all the Little Erises and she is thrilled because she now knows what I would be like drunk. Apparently, I am a happy drunk who cannot make it up the stairs and must be carried in giggling like a child.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


For anyone keeping track...
5: reams of paper used this semester (my carbon footprint is HUGE!)
3: ink cartridges used this semester (I did not factor this into the cost of school
3: days left of Fall Break (I have seriously never loved a break so much in all my life)
4: days at work this week so far, 4 shoplifters caught or barely missed (people are evil)
1: friend in the ER (we have got to get her down to only one medical emergency a year)
1: friend whose father recently committed a grizzly murder (she was on t.v. and then went straight back to AZ - smart girl)
2: job interviews for Mr. Eris (things are actually looking better)

Add your own number. I am going to enjoy my day off tomorrow!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Where the Proud Pipers Play

Remember the plaid heels? And how I mentioned that I have the matching flat Mary Janes? Well, I was wearing the plaid flats today at work and the cutest little couple came in to shop for shoes.

Um, the cutest little SCOTTISH couple! As I was ringing them up I said, "Ok, I have to tell you that I went to Ben Lomond High School and we were the Fighting Scots." They were very impressed. And then I showed them my shoes.

Long story short: I now have a place to stay if I ever visit Scotland. Oh yeah.

PS - Numismatist and Big Sis: I wore my contacts today. So far, so good.