Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh! My! Heck!

I have so been waiting for this. It's time to open the cedar chest again - I have some old t-shirts and giant buttons in there somewhere...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beat That, Numismatist

Look what Little Ms. Eris found in her ice cream from Warrens!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Say That 7 Times Fast

Mr. Eris is on soccer sabbatical. Today he went to the doctor to find out how long this unwanted break will have to be and he came home with a post-it note that says:
I have informed his parents that they will be paying for this surgery as they clearly sold me a stud with a bum leg. Honestly, this right leg is getting ridiculous! I am voting we just hack the darn thing off. Suggestions for peg-leg design are now being accepted.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Makes Him Even Hotter in My Book

Yesterday Mr. Eris brought me a Pepsi at the shoe store. No, that's not what makes him even hotter (though it does support my "sweetest guy ever" hypothesis). Here's what happened:

He was walking across the parking lot to come in the store and a car pulled up next to him. A guy rolled down the window and said, "Hey, are you gay?"

Mr. Eris replied, "Yes."

This qualifies him for one of a few things: a. making out with Rupert Everett (I am not opposed, as long as I get to watch!); b. serving as Governor of New Jersey or Senator from Idaho; or c. wearing better shoes.

I can help him with the last one!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For Athena...

Watch this... followed by this...

You're Welcome.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You Look Like a Monkey!

Little Mr. Eris enjoyed his breakfast of Cocoa Puffs and muffins, and present opening. You know your kid is getting old when the birthday prince crown from the dollar section at Target is too small. He did not enjoy the bobby-pins.

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Remember Me?

I had to check my blog today because I honestly couldn't remember the last time I posted. Not much to tell you, except that today starts week 9 of 14 for school and it's starting to get real. This semester has been much better for two reasons: first, I'm not working full time at the shoe store, so I actually have time to get my work done (not that I ever have all my reading done, I'm not that good); and second, I have method classes instead of theory classes, so I get to do actual research and not that crappy "what is the true meaning of theory?" junk.

Anyway, I have an IRB and tons of reading for a state-of-the-research paper to do, so I'd better skedattle. But first a couple of personal notes:

To Athena: The door was snacked on again when Little Mr. Eris forgot to put the pup in the kennel. She's getting plenty of fiber at Auntie Eris's house.

To the Duchess: Once again, sorry about the soft-porn.

To Meemoo: Anytime you need a laugh I'm happy to share my wedding book. The video has some choice stuff too. Maybe when you come to visit.

To the Numismatist: Maybe we can take 1/4 of another $5 bill and cash in your find, as well as the 3/4 of the original? Am I brilliant? Thanks for the spell-check!

Finally, to the U: Up yours, tentatively.

Love, Eris.