Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Votes for Women!

I know most of you aren't watching or listening, but last night Hillary Clinton gave an amazing speech at the Democratic National Convention. She was funny, and touching, and tough, and proud, and perfect. I listened on the radio and had tears in my eyes more than once.

I love this woman. And although I was not in favor of her running for president (I just think people who dislike her do so so strongly that it would be insurmountable in a general election), last night I felt a strong sense of having missed out on something great here.

Here's to the 18 million cracks she put in the ceiling.

Our daughters' daughters' will adore us.
And they'll sing in grateful chorus:
Well done! Sister Suffragettes!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starving Student

While waiting for my TRAX line to rumble by...

I jumped into the street to pick up a quarter on the southbound TRAX line. Then I found two pennies - smashed to bits - on the northbound line. I picked them up. As I jumped back onto the platform a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder. I took out my headphones and he said in a concerned voice,
"Miss? Are you trying to collect enough change to buy a ticket?"

People here are really nice.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well That Simplifies Things?

Many of you may be aware that I rarely see movies in the theater. A combined 23 years of Blockbuster Video employment resides in my house and we just can't stomach the high ticket price and not being able to pause to use the restroom. We usually wait for the DVD. Exceptions to this rule: certain musicals and action epics. Notably, I saw Mama Mia twice (July). Before that, Indiana Jones (July [Mr. Eris' b-day], Sex and the City (May), and Hairspray (July, 2007). I usually have my two or three theater movies picked out each year and wait patiently for them.

Hence my chagrin at this news. November 21st seemed like forever to wait for more of the Weasley twins! Now, it's July 17, 2009?!?! WTF?! I cannot wait that long. ~Yes, I know I am a geek.~

Alas, somewhere the movie gods still love me. If you read to the very bottom of the article it states that Twilight, as a result of this HP bump (?) has been moved from December 12th to November 21st. Acceptable. And now I only have to pay for one more movie in 2008 .... although I may have to see it more than once.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Threat Level "Red"

I will not negotiate with a terrorist. My baby sleepover time has been hijacked by a Looney-loving, pixelated, coin collector. Now, instead of a blue-eyed princess playing with the little I get the key to the house and a map to the dog food. This is unacceptable.

Even better? I recently found out that this same individual has initiated contact with not only the Duchess, but Athena as well. The goddess of war?! What else could she have in mind than a full attack? Well, I have my emergency kits and food supply. Bring it on! So, my internet freedom lovers: Are you with me or against me?

Bids are now being accepted for my "Mission Accomplished" banner. Submit via email.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My first car was a 1988 Geo Metro. It was gray with a kick-ass stereo and TWO OPTIONAL CUP HOLDERS! That was pretty big back then. I loved this car. It took me to school every morning for practice or early morning seminary. It took me to and from work at the Blockbuster. It did this all taking two weeks to use up a tank of gas. I have so many fond memories of this car...

1. My 1993 boyfriend lived in Holliday and I lived in Ogden. I could drive to his house 3 times in one week, in addition to my regular activities, on one tank of gas.

2. The speaker box was stolen out of the back one night. When the speaker was returned and the car repaired I installed a body guard: a cardboard cut-out of Wesley Snipes' head from the Sugar Hill standee. It rocked - and no one ever messed with the Big H again.

3. The Numismatist once found my 1994 boyfriend's boxers under the passenger seat. "Do you want to explain this?" It was a very innocent and boring explanation and she bought it. How pathetically lame was I?

4. Horatio survived a car accident in 1993, only to be taken too soon in 1994 by a driver who turned left in front of me. We knew it was time to pull the plug when we realized the clutch was stuck into the floor board. I miss him every day, especially at the gas pump.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Done. And done.

It is over.

I loved it.

You may now begin to fight over who gets my copy tomorrow.

I will accept bribes.

Oh. My. Heck.

12:20 - Book in hand.
12:30 - Reading. Not what I expected, at all.
3:30 - Rest for sleep.
8:12 - Up again.

--Don't call or visit. I'll come out when I'm done. --

Friday, August 01, 2008

My 300zx

My Loving Wife asked me the other day if I am having a mid-life crisis. Yesterday Mr. Eris asked me if the Duchess was concerned that I met someone else (as was her first concern after Mr. bleached his hair). I am starting to wonder about this myself. You see, I have been going through some changes lately...

1. I started trail running five weeks ago (yes, I remember the number of weeks, it's been that good). Running is something I have never enjoyed and always swore I would never do unless something very dangerous was chasing me and now I am running four days a week.

2. This running is taking place at 6 a.m. I have always been a firm believer that the only 6 o'clock God actually intended humans to experience was the one in the afternoon and have studiously avoided the one in the morning. Now I am experiencing it - and running at the same time.

3. I have registered for a triathlon. I am now using a training program to subject myself to daily physical pain in the hope that I will be able to participate in an organized event designed to cause me physical pain. And I paid money and will drive to St. George to do it!

4. Yesterday I ate my breakfast at 8 a.m. Not completely unheard of, but wait: it was Cascadian Farms Organic Maple Oat cereal with soy milk. What?! Granted this is for my diet to keep my stomach from killing me in an inside job, but still. Three years ago my daily routine involved a bagel and a 32 oz. Pepsi.

5. This one's the kicker: I have never read fantasy or fiction, really, and enjoyed it much. Harry Potter was a fluke, I figured. But now, this summer, I have gotten hooked on Victorian love stories, an alien invasion thriller, and a teenage vampire/werewolf love triangle! I started, but have not finished Al Gore's "An Assault on Reason."

This is not me. I cannot explain it, but somehow in the last six weeks I have become a completely different Eris. Please, just somebody stop me before I get my red sports car and leather jacket.