Friday, October 13, 2006

To Honor the Newbie

One week ago we celebrated my daughter's first birthday. It was pretty much family-only - pretty small, by comparison to other First Birthday parties I've seen. This post is not about the party, or the baby. It's about a guest.

My nephew (see "Breaking in the Newbie" by clicking on the title) has become interested in politics and we often have fun chats about what party he would join or for whom he would vote. At the birthday party he told me about an online quiz he took to determine his "true" party affiliation. Ready? Constitution

His being a member of the Constitution Party does not bother me too much. After all, he could be a Republican. What bothered me was one of the examples he gave for why that party is right for him. Here's how he put it:
Newbie: "Like, I don't believe that if a lady crosses the border from Mexico and she, like, has a baby that that baby should be a citizen."
Eris: "Why not?"
Newbie: "Because they, like, broke the law and shouldn't be a citizen just cause the girl got here in time."
Eris: "So we should punish a person who had nothing to do with the crime and send them to a country they don't know?"
Newbie: "Well..."
Eris: "And what about kids who have been here their whole lives. They only know America, but because of the decision their mother made how many years ago, they have to leave?"

And that's the way it went. I was pleasantly surprised to find this little quiz to accompany this story. So, take the quiz, and see if you "deserve" to be an American...
You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 9 out of 10 correct!


Anonymous said...

oops, it did work!
Anyway, it said I was a reject.
5 out of 10?
guess that's what happens when you go to a college and not a university.

Anonymous said...

i don't feel so bad, i only got 4. but oh well, i voted for the porn star!

favorite cousin said...

I failed!? With a 60%? If our government was correct 60% of the time wouldn't we all be ecstatic?