Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Part IV

Ok, so I am making time this week to post this. It's just tooooo good to pass up. Two words at a time. Ready:

Word #4
magnanimity a quality of nobleness of mind, disdaining meanness or revenge.

Word #5
churlishness crude or surly behavior; behavior of a peasant.

Used in a sentence:
Having lived a life of magnanimity, my father was not familiar with the term "hock a lugey." Once explained, he was even more surprised to find that his charming wife had engaged in such an act of churlishness.

NOTE: Love you, Mom!


Anonymous said...

I think the correct spelling would be "hhhhauck a loogie".

Eris said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure how to spell the rattle of phlegm at the back of the throat.