Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Eris is emotional right now.

Click on the title.

Watch the video.

These guys are all a bunch of bastards, Bush is their ass-hat king and Rush Limbaugh is their jester.

I miss my Grandpa.


Anonymous said...

so, can i teach you a new word? well, technically it would be many four letter words squashed down into one!

rush is a dumb ass and apparently has never had a loved one stricken with this terrible disease and had to watch them try to perform everyday tasks that are near impossible for them to accomplish on their own.

maybe he should have to deal with it, revenge can be sweet!

p.s. sorry for my ramblings!

Anonymous said...

my goodness, you sound angry! Let's just hope that in two weeks big changes will take place and we can finally see some major research.
He was a good grandpa, wasn't he?!?

P.S. Cast that vote in his memory.

Eris said...

Yes, he was.