Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Birthday?

Today is my birthday. Know what I got? A trip to the urgent care clinic with Little Mr. Eris taking care of ...... wait for it.... a broken arm. He broke it in an indoor soccer game. He hit the ground hard, raised his (good) arm for a substitute, then walked himself off the field with his arm dangling sort of like this

Yes, in yet another support for The First Principle of Eris' Law, we spent a Saturday at the clinic getting x-rays.

For those of you keeping track, that is now:
4 trips to Urgent Care
2 casts
1 sling
1 month
What I am sure will be a visit from the Department of Child and Family Services when we go in to our family doc for the follow up and likely casting on Wednesday.


Muriel said...

Somehow you have all the luck.

KFinley said...

Do I need to buy Mr. Eris some wife-beater tees for when the cops show up?

P.S. Happy Birthday!