Friday, December 26, 2008

Homemade Christmas

I have no pictures to show you (I'm sure I'll get some from Numi), but yesterday was our first homemade Christmas. Mr. Eris and I decided that we would buy no presents (except for one storebought gift from Santa, and those given to extended family in a drawing with a $10 limit).

I was very nervous. This is a big departure from the past Christmas mornings our family has experienced. It worked wonderfully! Here's what we did:
1. Books with secret compartments hidden inside
2. Coupon book for Mr. Eris that promised things like "one messy bedroom - no questions asked."
3. Finger paint set complete with easel
4. Playdough set

Doesn't sound like much, but the kids loved it. And it was fun to watch! Not to spoil the homemade idea, but the best present was from Santa: "Wise Man," Littlest Ms. Eris's new fish. He has a tank and is super cute. She loves to watch him sit in his Nemo tank. And he gives me something to watch while I'm sitting at my desk.

The final word on homemade Christmas: Tons of fun and worth the work. We will be doing it next year - especially since Little Mr. Eris said, "That was awesome, Mom! Can we have homemade Christmas again?"

~Sigh of relief.~


Numismatist Facts said...

The books were especially fabulous! Photos please!

jana said...

my kids love homemade gifts! I'm not sure if my extended family members are quite as thrilled, but at least I've given gifts that I feel good about. :)