Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Can't Believe It Took This Long

Today I got my first piece of hate mail from a student. It was an email. Anonymous, of course. And naturally, it was referring to the past two lectures on measures of central tendency and visual displays of data.
Back in the good ol' days I couldn't just send my professor an unsigned email from a generic hotmail account and bitch at them - I had to bitch right to their face (right, Duchess?).


Muriel said...

And Matt just got two formal written complaints from male students. Has to meet with the dean and everything. What are you guys trying to do? Get these kids to think for themselves? And in Matt's case write about it?

The Duchess said...

Um - students usually bitch on - my advice is NEVER to go to that site.

Casidub said...

It's a good thing they don't listen to our every day conversation. It's about 98% BS