Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Numi!

There are many reasons I am glad the Numismatist is my mama. See yesterday's post for one thing.

Also, she is a good grandma. Correction: GREAT GRANDMA.

She is an amazing woman filled with spitfire and lots of attitude. I like to think of her as the fountainhead of bitchy-ness that Athena and I bare with pride.

She graduated from college in 5 years with two kids and a Nincompoop causing trouble all along the way. And she insisted on paying for every dime herself, even when the gods tried to intercede on her behalf. Now that's one fiesty feminist.

Today is her birthday, though, and I have found one more reason I am glad she birthed me. There is a Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. I can't explain all the scientific principles involved here, although I am sure they are plentiful and rigorous, but I can tell you that I had been born to the Barracuda my name would have been:
Smoke Strapon Palin
Thank the lucky stars all I got was a mommy who didn't like e's on the end of your name.
Love ya, Numi! You ARE my favorite Mom!


Numismatist Facts said...

"fountainhead of bitchy-ness"???
Aahhhh, geee, thanks. That just made my day!

So far the day has been great. Littlest made birthday brownies for me and all three "kids" are down for a nap right now. Off to the park when they wake up!

Love ya!

Jubee said...

Happy birhtday Grandma!!!!!

Okay, so I typed in my name and it was Pie Gallon Palin. That is a really bad name.

athena said...

Spine Breeder Palin!!!

You are the bestest!

Muriel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! (I'm writing it on my calendar right now) Hope you had a great day!

p.s. Rust Mustang Palin

Karen said...

Your mom made sure I came over to see the "fountainhhead of bitchy-ness" because she's so very proud. She's a wonderful lady and I'm grateful she's in my life.