Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full of Awe

Yesterday Mr. Eris and I took Little Mr. Eris to Body Worlds. It was amazing. Go to the website and take a peek - remember: these are real bodies, preserved so we can learn from them.

A couple of things that were particularly interesting:
1. The plastinate jumping a hurdle. This guy was cut into vertical thirds so you could see the various muscle groups at work. I am completely fascinated by the sciatic nerve. That thing is freaking huge!

2. The acrobatic couple. The woman had plates and artificial joints so you could see how science works with your body. Plus she had eyelashes! Stragely enough, that was when it got real, when I saw the eyelashes.

3. The balancing gymanst holding his own thoracic organs above his head. W.O.W.

4. Little Mr. Eris's favorite part? The room filled with barrels to represent the 1,800 gallons of blood your heart pumps every day. His least favorite part? The anatomical correctness of the plastinates. Vajay-jays and peni$es everywhere!

This exhibition was amazing, and I would go again. I hope they bring some of the other versions to SLC soon so I can see the pregnant woman, the man holding his own skin, and the man riding the horse. After seeing my body in this way, I will never think of my Body Pump class or the triathlons the same way. We are amazing machines!


Numismatist Facts said...

Oooooh, that sounds interesting! And so nice that Jr. got a day with Mom and Dad, one that he will never forget.

athena said...

Probably one that he will have to go to therapy for! I'm super jealous.

FYI - Body Pump wasn't that bad.