Monday, October 01, 2007

Where the Proud Pipers Play

Remember the plaid heels? And how I mentioned that I have the matching flat Mary Janes? Well, I was wearing the plaid flats today at work and the cutest little couple came in to shop for shoes.

Um, the cutest little SCOTTISH couple! As I was ringing them up I said, "Ok, I have to tell you that I went to Ben Lomond High School and we were the Fighting Scots." They were very impressed. And then I showed them my shoes.

Long story short: I now have a place to stay if I ever visit Scotland. Oh yeah.

PS - Numismatist and Big Sis: I wore my contacts today. So far, so good.


numismatist said...

eewwwww.... I just did a rupert, for both items!

The Duchess said...

Okay...I feel the need to say, there is no way you "rock out" to any of those songs...puhleeeze

Anonymous said...

I have to TOTALLY disagree with duchess. You can totally "rock out" to ALL of the songs!

Long live Barry!

Eris' Sis

Muriel said...

We were at "The Famous" on Friday night (looking for snow boots that didn't cost an arm and a leg) and I was telling the manager there where you worked and she said to be very proud of your huge, successful, immaculate store (Oh and she has the tartan shoes too).