Thursday, October 11, 2007


For anyone keeping track...
5: reams of paper used this semester (my carbon footprint is HUGE!)
3: ink cartridges used this semester (I did not factor this into the cost of school
3: days left of Fall Break (I have seriously never loved a break so much in all my life)
4: days at work this week so far, 4 shoplifters caught or barely missed (people are evil)
1: friend in the ER (we have got to get her down to only one medical emergency a year)
1: friend whose father recently committed a grizzly murder (she was on t.v. and then went straight back to AZ - smart girl)
2: job interviews for Mr. Eris (things are actually looking better)

Add your own number. I am going to enjoy my day off tomorrow!


The Duchess said...

I'm working on no more emergency rooms - I swear...but on an academic note, buy a laser printer. The printer itself is more expensive but the long term cost, I replaced my laser toner cartridge 1X during my entire dissertation process...many many copies of many many chapters.

Muriel said...

3: Times up last night with a kid throwing up.
5: Times up last night to pee.
0: Days of Fall Break for ISU students (until Thanksgiving)
2: Soccer practices left this season
1: Smack dab in the middle of the day soccer game left this season.

Muriel said...

9: Weeks until childbirth (but who's counting?)