Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sometimes Patting Your Head Just Isn't Enough

Tonight was a birthday party. The Numismatist and her sister, Always28 (as I have dubbed her) share a birthday and so we got together with all of my extended family. It was all my cousins - except C and K, who were sorely missed - and all their children.

Great cake, and always nice to hang out with everyone. But, Littlest Ms. Eris was not at her best.

She fell asleep on the drive there and got maybe a 20 minute nap. Then she woke up surrounded by my uncle and his two sons. Now, my uncle is a fox, always has been (he married Always28) so you'd think any girl would love to wake up looking at him. Um, not so much for the LME.

Littlest Ms. Eris never quite recovered. She was in a small, hot house (not a hothouse) with a bunch of people she hardly knows and she was not happy about it. Not even the cupcake she inhaled made her happy. In addition to nap thing, she is also cutting her last two teeth, so pleasant was not in her vocabulary.

Here's the problem. I had to spend two hours listening to people describe the Littlest Ms. as "pretty glass half empty" and "just naturally unpleasant." And some of these folks don't even know the kid! I am the first to describe her as a challenge, but it was kind of a bummer to watch everyone relish how unhappy she was.

Excuse me! Over-bearing mom, coming through!

UPDATE: We have been home for an hour, and I am happy to report that after two children's Tylenol she is on her way to being nice. Acetimenophin rocks! Those teeth look pretty mean, though.


numismatist said...

You didn't mention that LME had other reasons to panic:
1) The scary dog.
2) Your cousin's cute little girl who has bullied LME since they were born two years ago.
3) The cousin who was having a great time playing with fire in the kitchen.

Keep in mind that each person who made one of those comments has at least one child that has been referred to in not-so-pleasant terms. For example, ..... oops, better not go there.

Anonymous said...

I know I was at fault for pointing out her lack of pleasantness. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

She is a challenge, true. She is also a lovely little girl and I have noticed that she is warming up to people more and more.

I DO love her tons!