Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's My Turn... Again

K of the Michigan cuzes was tagged, and she asked that I play along. I love her, and I feel that I owe some folks something positive on here (I worry that I've done nothing but complain to you, my blogging family).

So, here's my new list of random things:

1. I sometimes fear that I am living in my own version of the Truman Show. Is that odd or narcisistic... or both?

2. I can eat an entire bag/container/carton/etc. of the following items in one sitting: Doritos, cookie dough, pink & white circus animal crackers, Pepsi, eggnog, Aunt Paula's chocolates, saltine crackers. I can't eat most of these things anymore, but if I did - I could polish em off!

3. I can't sleep without a blanket on me. If I try, I dream that I am being attacked by sharks.

4. I have never done all my visiting teaching more than two months in a row.

5. The Numismatist once told me that I have "the ability to make people want to kill themselves, regardless of my words, just by the tone of my voice." I like to think that's a compliment.

6. I sometimes wish I had sowed my wild oats before I got married. I was young and innocent enough when I got married that I don't think I even had oats - so I never got to make it (sorry Mom) with some foxy, long-haired hippy river guide named Chase. And, yes, I realize that was very specific.

7. I don't like gravy on my mashed potatoes. I prefer to eat them with corn.

8. My shirts must all hang facing the same direction on the hanger and be arranged by shade in rainbow order. Same thing with the pants.

9. I have a strong fear of the Nincompoop syndrome. If I can make it to 32 without going certifiable, I'll have beaten the curse.

10. I can play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with anyone. I have never been beaten. 8 years of Blockbuster, baby! I may be a little rusty now, but I'll bet I'm still a top-tier competitor.

Ok, I'm supposed to tag other people now that I'm done, but the only person I know who I haven't seen do this is Steph B. So, I'd like my sour tummy buddy to add her own list.


Muriel said...

Mr. Meemoo loves mashed potatoes and corn together! Sometimes it's all I make for dinner.

oh and p.s congrats on the T.A. position! You'll be awesome!

numismatist said...

2. 7. I taught you well.

5. I taught you well.

6. Who doesn't? (different place and name)

9. We are watching you closely for symptoms of Nincompoop Syndrome. There is an actual diagnosis for this syndrome (code 301.81). However, I have personally witnessed two graduations and you do acknowledge your three children. If we see emerging symptoms... did you see "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"? So far, no evidence so don't worry.

The Duchess said...

Okay...when were you going to call your only friend from college and tell her about your fabulous ta position?????

Eris said...

Duchess: I knew you were out of town, and I didn't get the final word with details until after you had jetted off for the fabulous Denver.

I plan on lunch with lots of talking and a baby close by.