Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Tonight I went downstairs to get something and noticed that the items from Mr. Eris's poker night - LAST THURSDAY - were still all over the family room.

Card table
Poker table top
Movies all over the floor
Food on the floor (which I discovered thanks to a well-organized trail of ants leading to and from the food)

You get the picture. He had friends over, with my blessing, and they trashed the joint.

Now, he has been working on the basement bathroom - Heaven love him. He keeps all three of our kids alive during the day. These are valid points, and I understand the guy is busy, but when I saw that mess I wanted to destroy him.

Maybe it's because I'm tired and cranky. It might be stress. It could be the fact that I spent three hours on Saturday cleaning our van because it looked like he had brutally murdered a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper in there {he now wears a hazmat suit and spreads a tarp whenever he's in the van}.

I love the guy, but I swear if he makes a mess like this again (the van or the family room) he will lose all priviledges: no phone, no video games, no tv, nothing.

Is it sad that the punishments I use for the kids work on the dad?


The Duchess said...


Eris said...

Tell me about it.

Meemoo said...

I don't even know where to start, I can only empathize...

Eris said...

Kind of makes you reconsider the standing invitation, huh? Imagine what he'd do to a house he doesn't live in.

PS - Don't tell Loki I just ended a sentence with a preposition, ok? I got a rep to protect.

Meemoo said...

The standing invitation still stands, he has pretty nice manners. He doesn't dare cross me anyway. I threw an entire cup of milk at little Miss Meemoo because she was bugging me. However, it's OK if I make the mess, because I know I'm the one that will be cleaning it up.