Friday, March 30, 2007


Today at work I had a moment of panic. Without divulging too much, I can safely tell you that I had the chance to apply for some funding, but because I never received information on the application process and I didn’t HOUND someone about the process, I ended up doing a quickie application and throwing three people into a tailspin at noon today.

This sucks.

I hate that I inconvenienced others. I hate that I looked like a disorganized, flighty moron. I hate that I didn’t stalk the guy who had the information I needed (further evidence that I dislike the begging for money portion of my job). But most of all, I hate that now that I have made this completely correctible error, I cannot get rid of the knot in my stomach.

So my internets, I am issuing an RFP: submit a proposal detailing how you would teach Eris to be ok with her mistakes. Include a plan for long-term mistakes (i.e. the lie I told my friends in 6th grade, that I immediately confessed to them, but still feel guilty about!) as well as a plan for imaginary mistakes (I actually went to my bishop once because I was worried that I may have committed a sin years ago – it ended with him sort of laughing at me).

What I’m looking for is a strategy for not getting caught up in this kind of stuff. Why can’t I be more like Mr. Eris who called in sick for work yesterday so he could host his buddies for poker night? He had no guilt, whatsoever. I feel like I need to fast for forgiveness just because I didn’t stop him.

Submit immediately. I’d like to get a good nights sleep sometime soon.

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The Duchess said...

The answer is clear. You are a Catholic. Only Catholics feel that much guilt about anything for long. And if you would just admit your true religion, you could go to confession, get absolved, and move on your happy way.