Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, my right eye hurts. It feels like I have a bruise - and yet, I do not have a bruise.

I think I might have pink eye.

Now where in the world do you think I could have caught that?

So, upon further review, pink eye does not seem to be the culprit. You may ask how I reached this conclusion? Two reasons:
1. No yucky discharge. My eye is goop free.
2. I have not been peeing in the street.

I am now fairly convinced this eye problem is a result of wearing contacts meant to be used for one month for.... um... five months. Ooops.


The Duchess said...

Did I touch you yesterday? Am I going to get pink eye? ARGH!!! You people with children should be locked up! wink

Meemoo said...

Pink eye sucks. Try some over the counter drops, if it's just the bacterial/allergy kind it will go away in a few does. Hope for that. At least one of your kids don't have it (yet). Or else you will be following them around with anti-bacterial wipes and spraying and wiping every door knob, game controller, toy, bed rails, computer, get my point. I swear that stuff NEVER goes away. Seriously, hope for the bacterial version. Good luck.

The Duchess said...

Okay. Now you people with bad vision should be locked up!