Thursday, April 26, 2007

On Betty Buckley and Bruised Egos

Last night I spent two hours hanging with my mom, the Numismatist. Stop laughing – she’s cool. Her best friend from high school was visiting, along with her daughter and granddaughter, and we all hung out. It was nice.

Numy (as she will now be known because I’m not going to type “numismatist” ever again!) and her friend spent the night reminiscing, while her daughter and I discussed the intricacies of wheat-free diets and B.U. It was lovely.

As I sat there I thought of how nice it is to sit with friends and talk about whatever comes up. Seriously, we went from the pros and cons of fry sauce, to a drunk woman groping me, to the fact that I had met my new friend once before but forgot about her because I was too focused on her hot Hawaiian brother, to a minute-by-minute run down of LDS wedding nights (nervous and slow to get started seems to be the trend).

It made me sad that these two women live far away – but happy that one of them is moving to Arizona. I look forward to seeing them again, and my new sour-tummy-buddy will definitely be a new email friend (and hopefully a frequent visitor to this site).

Other goings on include the email I got today that led to a phone call that notified me that I will not be funded for school this fall. Oh Maaaaaan. Now what? I’ll tell you. Eris will be taking the class “Teaching Comm in College” and will very likely be the only person in there who won’t actually be teaching in college. BUT I will be applying again in January and this class, as well as a stellar letter from the instructor, should help me land something. Right? And needless to say, there will be student loans. Damn.

PS - Bonus love to the first post that explains the title of this post~

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