Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hastily Awaiting Your Return

Ok, so as I mentioned, I have 3 fabulous friends, each of whom fills a unique role. Faith is my memory. Best friends for nearly 20 years, we know each others’ secrets; when the other is lying; and all the embarrassing stuff we’ve each lived through. Casi is my mirror. She has 2 ½ kids and works out of the home and we are both married to wonderful, adolescent-ish men (defined as a man who spends more time on a gameboy or computer game than reading a book or talking to adults). With such similar lives, I have the chance to view my life through hers. It’s quite reassuring.

This leads us to Leah: my brain. I just feel smarter when she’s around. We can talk about politics and baseball – she is a Yankee fan :( but I have learned to love her anyway. GO SOX! Anyway, she has been away for 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!! I have missed her, and find it very inconsiderate that she was gone for so long. So what if she was visiting family and attending weddings and spending important time in special places – I want her here! I bought a book about baseball statistics and how there are all these new methodologies and ideas in how to better assess and predict a players’ performance. She’d love it. Is she here to discuss it? Nooooo.

It is funny how when someone goes away, your mind makes it seem like so much more time than it really is. I can remember things I did at work 2 weeks ago like they were yesterday – it went by soooo fast. But it seems like it’s been months since I saw Leah. Plus, it’s harder to go kickboxing with no one to drag my sorry butt there.

So here is the new rule: no one goes away for more than 3 days without prior written notice. Even better: next time, take me with you!


The Duchess said...

Prior written notice? Now, here's the question, if prior written notice is given do you have to approve the reason for leaving, or is it just enough to give written notice? Smile.

Eris said...

Thank you for your comments. Let it be known the policy now states, "prior written notice and approval."

Anonymous said...

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