Friday, June 30, 2006

Eris Takes a Break, but Freaks Out First

Today is Friday. The day before the best day of the week: Saturday. Saturday is the best for two reasons: 1. No work; and 2. No church. (Church is great but 9 am comes very early.)Anyway... this weekend, thanks to some creative work scheduling, will last 4 glorious days. Just the thought of how lazy I will be is enough to make me giddy.

I have looked forward to this weekend for months, literally, but I have also dreaded it. My biological paternal family is busy imbibing with and insulting each other at a family reunion - fun to watch, if you can forget the fact that these people share your gene pool.

I have decided to forego the experience of avoiding the people who don't count me as family (at the expense of missing out on seeing my grandparents whom I adore), but my sister has chosen to join in full boar. So I sit here, 2 states away, obsessing over these people and what they are doing and saying. Not just about me. But I also worry about what my sister is experiencing. Will she be ok? Will she get her feelings hurt? Will she come back a reunited prodigal daughter?

Family is a funny thing. They have the unique ability to make you feel strongly. In only a few minutes my mother can make me feel like the best of people. With one word my dad (not to be confused with the biological father) can make me feel like the smartest of people. And with nothing my biological father can make me feel just that, like nothing.

To cope with this weekend, and the rest of my life, my mother has suggested a cathartic experience. I have decided to trust her on this. She's usually right. So tonight, I will smash the hell out of a huge jewelry box. After that, I should be something: healed.

Smashing the hell out of things is fun! Especially when you use a hatchet. I am feeling completely released. Mom was right - AGAIN.

This is amazing. Still smiling.


Anonymous said...

wow, you made my day! glad that it helped!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try this with a cake saver!