Monday, June 26, 2006

Eris says, "Hello!"

To introduce - I have 1 husband (Fabulous Keith), 3 kids (J. 8, A. 3, D. 1), and 2 dogs (Mabel and Bingo). I have a job I love - fundraising and PR for a non-profit group. I have 3 friends I cannot live without (Casi, Faith and Leah). And I have several other committments that add up to a life of chaos.

So the theme of the blog is Defending Eris - the Greek goddess of chaos and mayhem. Eris was maligned by the male authors of history as a bitch who loved making trouble. So, she probably was a bitch - aren't we all? But the problem is, Eris becomes the scapegoat for anything and everything. Not to mention that people tend to forget the basic fact that chaos is progress - without it, we are just sitting still, watching nothing.

This is my credo. I live in chaos, therefore I live in progress. Try to keep up, would ya?

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The Duchess said...

All intelligent women who aren't afraid to speak their minds are "bitches." A boy in my high school once said, you are such a bitch, and I replied, damn straight. Welcome to the blogosphere!