Monday, September 14, 2009

The Hat Trick

Ok, people. Little Ms. Eris has broken her arm.

Isn't she cute? She told the nurse in November, when she had to watch her two siblings get tons of attention over their broken arms, that she wanted a cast. Well, one soccer game is all it took. She is enjoying all the attention and fawning - so send it her way.

For those of you keeping track: This makes three broken arms on three kids in nine months. So I would like to introduce you to our doctor. You can call him "Dr. Cool" for two reasons: first, he is the best doc in town; second, he has been cool enough not to notify DCFS about my clear sub-parenting.

Note: Before Little Ms. got her cast today I spent a couple of hours in Urgent Care with Little Mr. He left school early with a flag football injury.... deep tissue bruise, but no break. ~phew~

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Erstwild said...

Our middle son is the only one that has had anything broken among our 4 children. When he was 22 months old, my wife was babysitting neighbors with him as well. He crawled up on a window ledge, pushed out the screen, and fell about 10 feet out a second floor window onto cement! He had a greenstick fracture of his left leg.

He also got into my Paxil the next year, requiring his stomach to be pumped. So, his ER visits were not due to anything normal, like sports.

I smashed a knuckle at a batting cage when I was 15, and really whacked my tailbone once when I was 30, to the point I suspect it was broken. It hurt for months, so I know what Nummi mentioned on her blog about that.