Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dude in the House

Little Mr. Eris is a guy. Over the summer he started doing guy things. What are "guy things" you ask?

1. Using Axe hair product
2. Flirting with girls at the McDonald's
3. Emailing and calling girls in his class to make sure they would be at the pool
4. Wearing size 7 men's shoes
5. Showering daily - without a fight. He actually wants to smell good.

When did this happen? And what am I going to do with him now?


Muriel said...

Pay $20 more for the exact same shoe in his mens size.

Erstwild said...
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Erstwild said...

Lucky for you he's doing the showering on his own. I've had to fight all 3 of my sons to get them to do this through their teen years.

Mrs. Dub said...

ha ha. All growed up.

Anonymous said...

Hi,it's just faith I'm requesting A really uncool thing for Eris. JOIN FACEBOOOK. Nobody cares where or who anybody is these days. plus I'm getting a laptop for my 30th B-day.

By the way, Kirby finally got to chill with the New Kids. She got pictures with all of them. Jordan is whooped over this Kendra girl. I'm happy for the Kirbster. --The ball is in your court friend.