Thursday, February 05, 2009

Massive Headwound Harry

I used to love the Saturday Night Live skit where the guy had a big, gaping, bloody headwound and walked around like nothing was wrong. It was so funny. Well, meet the Little Ms. Erises, who have just demonstrated the Second Principle of Eris's Law, which states:

"A Little Eris will never experience a major illness or injury without the accompaniment of a second Little Eris."

So, from left to right we have Littlest Ms. Eris who decided last night that she could run through walls. Yes, that's through walls. One bloody, bruised and very likely broken nose later, she is once again a slave to the law of physics.

To her right we have Little Ms. Eris who valiantly fought the playground using only her forehead today. The playground won and she came home with a nice gooseegg and scraped up brain bucket.
Little Mr. Eris starts real-life Boy Scouts tonight. Maybe one of those big kids will crack him in the jaw and I'll have a complete set!


athena said...

Oh my! Someone call the FAA!

Mrs. Dub said...

At least it's not pink eye.