Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bill Cosby Was Right

The following is a collection of quotes from the Little Erises over the past few days:

- "Neil Diamond is still alive?" Mr. Eris

- "What 'damn color' do you want to paint the walls?" Littlest Ms. Eris

- "Mom, is your hair supposed to look like that?" Little Ms. Eris

Clearly, my children are all little comedians.


Numismatist Facts said...

I recall asking you two of those three questions recently as well. And is Neil Diamond really still alive? Sweet Caroline, he was old when I was in high school!

I'm always amazed at those little tiny ponytails and braids that you put in your three-inch long hair.

athena said...

My kids were six when they dropped their first f-bomb. Now that Little is in public school she is sure to pick that one up!

The Duchess said...

Um - hasn't someone put Neil Diamond out of his misery yet? Smile.

Casidub said...

HEY! Do not take the name of Neil Diamond in vein.