Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who's Laughing Now?

Ok, this is a judgemental post full of my own self-congratulations, so consider yourself warned. Many of you may know I used to teach Gospel Doctrine class at my LDS ward. This was fun for me as I: 1. don't know the first thing about technical gospel doctrine; and B. enjoyed making up my own doctrine. Take your pick on which one got me released. Personally, I think it was the fact that I didn't let the bishop attend my class.

The last week of the year I did a Bible trivia game based on the stories and lessons we had had through the previous year. I used scripture references to back up my questions, and some of them had come to my attention through non-LDS websites. I DID NOT QUOTE ANY NON-LDS SCRIPTURE OR REFERENCE IN MY CLASS.

After this game, a member of the Sunday School Presidency (a freshly minted return missionary about 22 years-old) came up to me and lectured me on using non-church authorized lessons or sources. Let me point out this was an extra week for which there was no lesson in the manual! I took it in stride then spent the next few weeks trying to make his head explode when I blinked at church.

Cut to tonight: Scout dinner at the church. This young man attended with a woman I assume is his girlfriend. She brought a card game to play at the table. By herself. The cards all had heads on them. The game was called "Guillotine" and had a little guillotine to put on the table.

Mr. Eris got a real kick out of it. I was non-plussed until the game turned up missing and they had to announce over the microphone that they had misplaced a card game called "Guillotine" sometime during the dinner. I'm still giggling.


Numismatist Facts said...

Apparently face cards are not okay, but decapitated face cards meet church standards. I'm calling my uncle to check this one out. Maybe a new game called Hand, Foot and Head?

Casidub said...

It's nice that she came for support.
What the eph?!

C&K Finley said...

That is awesome! Seriously, you didn't say anything to that young buck about the "appropriateness" of the game? Either way, the game sounds like fun, where can I pick one up?