Monday, June 09, 2008

Drill This... and Other Stuff

Ok, it's time for just a hodge-podge of rants and other goings on in the mind and life of Eris:

1. The Prez gave a press conference today in which he acknowledged how tough it is for Americans to have to pay so much for gas. His solution? Drilling in ANWAR and the continental divide. Um, let me get this straight: you've had 7 years to do something about the environment and the predicted energy crisis and you spent it a. denying global warming was happening; b. pushing BS like the "Clear Skies Inititative (Orwell would have been so proud); c. bullying the EPA into unwise policies; and d. telling the world to take Kyoto and shove it - and now you're going to solve it with ANWAR, an area that will yield minimal oil at best and would destroy an ecosystem?! Holy buckets, is it January yet?

2. Spoke in church yesterday - the importance of using your mind and your faith together to inform your testimony and actions in the world. My grandma claims she only understood half of it... and I'm waiting for a call from the Bishop to schedule my hearing.

3. Little Mr. Eris is at Lagoon with a friend today. First time without the 'rents. (His friends' 'rents are there, but it's not the same.) So big!

4. The Numismatist finished Twilight yesterday so I picked it up and took her New Moon. She started last night. I'm not proud to admit this, but I already read Twilight again since she gave it back at 4 yesterday. I think it's time for an intervention or detox or something. But ice cream social, look out!

5. Meemoo's folks are celebrating the big three-oh. They are my favorite toilet family and this marriage brought me one of my most inappropriate adolescent crushes (cousin Clay) so I'm all about the celebratin'!

6. My foot is asleep.


Muriel said...

Next year is the big one. This year is only twenty-nine. Every year I have to subtract 5 from my age to figure out how long they have been married.

Wish I could have heard your talk. I'm sure it was great.

I'm sorry about your foot.

Numismatist Facts said...

Re #1: Gotta take a shower. I am still feeling gritty after my temporary party affiliation change today. I'll be glad when the primary is over.

Re #2: I really just wanted to hear you play the piano.

Re #4: Damn books. It's still light outside and I'm heading to bed to read. Don't have to get up in the morning so I can read all night.

Re #6: Take a Tylenol.