Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where Was Your Mother in 1974?

I have made a friend at school. We will call her "Roy" because I am certain she is the sibling my mother never knew about (movie reference, there). Anyway, this girl is two years older than I and she has quite a few physical characteristics that resemble my paternal family:

1. Tall
2. Thin
3. Identical smile (you know the one that shows your gums. Man I hated that smile when I was a kid.)
4. Prominent nose
5. Bares the feminine version of the Nincompoop's name...

I have told her that I suspect we are related, but I'm not sure how to tactfully ask her if her mother frequented any Navy bases in the the mid-70s. Does Hallmark make a card like that?

I am enjoying working with this woman, but I miss my friends outside of school.
Mrs. Diamond and I don't get to talk except at the shoe store.
Mrs. Frysauce? Haven't seen her since May.
The Duchess and I have agreed we should eat lunch together. I'm thinking we'll get to it in 2009...


The Duchess said...

Oh no, in 2009 I'll probably have another infant, better make it 2016

Anonymous said...

So, this would add a whole new answer to "how many brothers and sisters do you have?" So far we have one full, one half, one step, three step-step.

This could be fun!

Just sucks that I didn't get any of those stupid tall people genes!

The duchess and I can be sisters! Lord knows she's mom's favorite!