Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eris Rediscovers Freddie

I had a ton of store credit to burn at the FYE - still do, even after a $100 shopping spree over the weekend. Jealous? Well, you should be. This store credit allowed me to browse, free from worry, and actually discover some CDs I didn't have, and one I wasn't even aware of.

I must take a moment to explain to you that I am, in fact, an official member of the Freddie Mercury fan club in Hungary. I don't speak Hungarian, and I have no plans for learning it - but Freddie was from Budapest and I like to worship right at the source, so I joined when I was 17.

Anyway, at the FYE I found this new volume III of Queen: Greatest Hits. It has "Barcelona" and "Princes of the Universe" and "The Great Pretender." Not to mention some songs I had never heard of, including the only studio recording from Brian, Roger and John since Freddie died.

I love Queen!

Whoa. That was a rush.


Meemoo said...

We were also at FYE recently and I saw that Queen set! I showed it to Mr. Meemoo (who didn't seem as impressed). But, while browsing at the local D.I. (for you know we are thrift store aficionados) I found a copy of the CD from the Barcelona Olympic Games and purchased it solely for Freddie Mercury. Worth every cent of that $2.00 I spent.

The Duchess said...

Oh god, I think we seriously have to have a conversation about your musical appreciation training. We have SO much work to do before you go to Washington.