Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Double 0 Seven

I have never really believed in New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t ever know what to declare as my largest shortcoming – the list was so long! So I could never decide what needed to be worked on. That is until last year.

In December 2005 Mr. Eris and I took a weekend trip to California to spend my bday in Disneyland and Vegas. It had been a harrowing year, and I needed a break. It was nice. We had a chance to remember that we actually enjoy each other’s company – very useful as we are in this marriage for the long haul. But we also spent the drive discussing a few big issues. This discussion morphed into us declaring 3 goals for 2006, informal resolutions, if you will. We had some reasonable success with this, so I have decided to try again this year – only on my own.

So, my cyber-buddies, you are my witnesses. I will now list my resolutions, by life category. If you can think of any tips for keeping them, please let me know.

1. Establish a better sleep routine. I will work on a set bedtime and wake time, even on weekends. I don’t get enough sleep, and I never get good sleep. I hope this will help.
2. I will work on my humility and being a better listener. My dad is a very smart guy, and he pointed out to me that I struggle with feedback sometimes – what does he know?!?

3. Gain acceptance into a PhD program.
4. Leave my current position with my 3 goals achieved: stability, consistency and organization!!

5. Hold weekly family home evening with Mr. Eris and the juniors. I need to do a better job of just sitting home and spending time with my family.

6. Set aside 30 minutes a day for scripture study and prayer. I try to read every night, but cannot honestly call it study. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count if you fall asleep during your prayer.
7. Attend the temple monthly with Mr. Eris. Hey, it’s a cheap date – plus every little bit helps.

8. Continue my newfound discipline of saving a set amount of money from each paycheck. I have found that if it’s the 2nd thing I do with my paycheck, I actually do it!

So there you have it. I don’t think I’m trying to change the world, just make mine a little better. I’ll keep you posted on my progress – or maybe you’ll see it in my newfound zen-like peaceful countenance.

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