Monday, January 15, 2007

Eris's List of Things that are Awesome

1. I now go to 11 o’clock church. Admittedly, this sucks for Little Eris #2, as 11 o'clock church lands us at church right in the middle of nap-time. But seriously, who are the people who show up on time for 9 o’clock church?

2. Shoes. I worked my last shift at the shoe store last night. Sad. BUT, I did get to do all
the clearance re-pricing for the season before I left, which means I created a small nation of shoes to purchase as my farewell gift to myself. Boots for $3.50!! It would have been a crime against nature to not purchase them.

3. Little Mr. Eris telling me that he doesn’t want me to quit my job at the shoe store. Why, you might ask? Because he wants me to “have 3 jobs so we can have more money.” I haven’t decided if it’s cute or offensive – either way it’s funny.

4. Mr. Eris is employed: Awesome! He’s working nights, which means we won’t be seeing each other much (not awesome), but it does free me up to actually get back to kick-boxing class.

5. Nancy Pelosi. Just cuz.

6. Hugh, Justin and Jake on SNL. I have been an SNL fan for decades now, and the last 2 seasons have been painfully bad, with the exception of 3 hosts: Hugh Laurie (“This is a protest song.”), Justin Timberlake (“Bring it on down to Homeless-ville.”), and Jake Gyllenhal (“Lazer Cats 2”).

7. Monty Python’s Flying Circus. When SNL does blow – which is most of the time, now, I can now flip to KUER and watch John, Terry and the boys. Never fails to make me laugh out loud.

8. When Far Away Grandma and Grandpa just randomly call for no reason. It makes me feel loved, and gives me comfort that they like me, too.

9. My nephew, the Newbie. Man I love that kid.

10. Ok, Meemoo, you were right: Guitar Hero is awesome. Newbie introduced me to this game on Friday night and it took all my grown up will power to say it was time to quit playing and go home. In case you were wondering: I am totally starting a Rage Against the Machine cover band.

So, those things are awesome. That should just about cover it.


numismatist said...

check your email for photos. Maybe you can attach them to your blog.

Anonymous said...

i love the newbie too!

call me for class! i would love to go!

Bruce Dickenson said...

You know what I think is Awesome, when one finds a fifth root as opposed to the normal "four" in ones molar cavity during a root canal. That's freaken awesome and it should be added to your list Herb!
All my love,

Meemoo said...

But, did you get to play the "Freebird" encore?