Sunday, December 10, 2006


On December 6th, I turned 30. Thirty is awesome. Most people dread this birthday, but I have been looking forward to it. I made a lot of progress in my twenties: graduated from college - twice, had 3 kids, built a successful marriage, bought a house, started a career, etc.

But I also made a lot of bonehead mistakes. In honor of waving goodbye to my twenties, I have composed a list of things I will not miss about the years 1996 - 2006:

1. Working at Blockbuster. Sure, I met my husband and several of my best friends there, but that company sucked. They laid me off and then screwed me over - multiple times. Besides retail sucks.
2. Being overly concerned with how others see me. In my twenties I
spent a lot of time worrying about whether or not I looked stupid - I'm hoping to avoid this in the next decade.
3. Stupid choices in friends. For some reason I wasted a ridiculous amount of time with a person who: a. picked fights with me for no reason and then made me apologize for doing nothing wrong; b. was disliked by my family and other friends; c. spoke ill of my children; and d. was just an all-around-bitch. That better not happen in my thirties.
4. Uncomfortableness with my in-laws. My first few years of marriage were riddled with awkwardness and sublte-hostility between my husband's mother and me. These challenges have morphed into an understanding that we both love my husband a whole lot and can stand on that common ground, avoiding the rocky stuff.
5. The Nincompoop.

Ok, so that's my list of reasons why 30 is to be embraced. Besides, I'll always be the youngest sibling in my family, and Brent, Wendy, Nancy, and Jennifer: that's what really matters.

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