Friday, August 28, 2009

My Dad Was Right

You know what I love? Getting good and mad about something. I am really good at it. If engaging in verbal combat were an olympic sport I am sure I would have at least made the natioinal team - probably medalled.

You know what I used to hate? When Zeus used to "buddha" me. This is a family term and referred to Dad's tendency to derail my tantrums by saying something like, "You have no control over that so why be angry?" or "No one can make you feel that; you have control over how you react."


Well, last week I encountered a grave injustice. My department has found unique and creative ways to screw with me every year since I started my program. This year they rogered me good. As a result of bureaucracy and teaching assignments, I was forced to move from my cozy single occupancy office to an new cubicle with a roommate.

I was A.N.G.R.Y. During my tantrum I heard Zeus echoing in my head, "You have no control over that so why be angry?" and "No one can make you feel that; you have control over who you react." I was forced to try to be a grown up. And guess what? The woman I am cubing with is super nice. She is a first year and we have been enjoying each other's company.

Dad was right.... what else do you think he has been right about?


The Duchess said...


The Numismatist said...

Well, not everything. But pretty close.

On the other hand, that buddhizing stuff can get pretty frustrating when what you really want to do is get VERY ANGRY!

I'm glad your new cubemate is turning out to be okay. I am tempted to ask if you have showered with her yet, but won't. Don't want to know.

Mrs. Dub said...

I'm glad you can share your closet nicely.