Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fastest I Ever Ran in My Whole Life

Today I went running in the mountains. I slept in too late to go with my usual running buddy, so I went with my favorite music blaring out of the speakers on my phone (couldn't find the headphones?).

It was a great run until I saw something 20 yards away. Something that jumped across the trail. Something that was bigger than my dogs and had a round tail and jumped like... a cat. Stop. Turn. Run away.

Too bad I had no "handy small children."

But I'll be bringing one next time, for sure.


The Numismatist said...

Can I pick which one?

derekstaff said...

Isn't flight about the worst possible option when predators are in the vicinity? Thank goodness there was no incident!

Erstwild said...

They just had a story about a Mountain Lion being in the Oakland Hills after they found several badly mauled deer.

This is also the second funny picture of the day I found. The other was from Numi's (Mom?) blog.

Mrs. Dub said...

Banging two sticks together will keep the mountain lions away.

Eris said...

Derek, yes flight is the worst thing to do. I forgot to add "walk backwards slowly until completely out of view" after "stop" and before "run as fast as I can."

Erstwild, mauled deer? I didn't need that one. And yes, Numi is Mom.

Mrs. Dub, I was actually thinking that while I ran. But I couldn't stop long enough to find two sticks!

Erstwild said...

Mrs. Dub: You don't have twin daughters that like to cause trouble (the stick thing was in "The Parent Trap")

Eris: The was a cartoon I saw, where 2 guys are on a hill in a forest. They see a guy washing his face in a creek down below, and a bear is crawling up to the guy washing up. One guy on the hill says to the other "Want to see a 3 minute mile?" ;)

And I posted those 2 funny pictures (Mountain Lion, hard drive catharsis) from both your sites elsewhere today.

The Numismatist said...

Hey Erstwild!! Identify yourself and please quit lifting my images without asking permission! If I know who you are I probably wouldn't mind nearly as much!

Erstwild said...

Numi: I'm Mike H. from fMh. I'm the one that gets cluster headaches sometimes.

I didn't think it would be a big deal on those pictures.

-Mike H.

The Numismatist said...

Sorry, I'm a little sensitive about stuff like that. I don't make a living from my photography but I do have a lot of $$ invested in it. Now that we know who you are that makes me feel a little better. (Eris and I had a hunch it was you.) Copyright issues are something that I'm not too stringent about if I know who is doing it and it is not claimed for their own work.

So where did you post them?

Rant over. Thanks.

Erstwild said...

I posted them on an automotive board & the outdoor siren board. Do you need the links?

-Mike H.