Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things That Are Awesome

1. Antibiotics, specifically amoxicillin. I am now safe to be around the general public.
2. Little Erises who, when hearing me degrade my mothering skills, yell "You are not a bad mom!"
3. Thrift store shopping. Count it:

Structure jeans for Mr. Eris: $4.99
Hiking boots for Little Mr.: $5.99
Knee-length Nike running shorts: $3.99
Two bike shirts: $3.99 ea. (wearing one right now!)
Bike shorts $7.99 (wearing em right now!)
Tri bottom (with running skirt!!) - normally $60 new -
for: $7.99

4. Knowing that the pool will be open in a couple of weeks and I have three
best friends who will be up there all summer. Can't wait to play Googamus,
Duchess and Numi!!
5. Yesterday I got back on the trails for the first time this season. Mountains look great, feel great, smell great; they are great.
6. Today I joined the mfranti club and rode my bike to the train. It felt fantastic (but I don't know how I will make it up any hills while I tote my backpack.
7. Camping. Going this weekend. Can't wait to sleep in a tent and wake up in the cold mountains.
8. Open windows. I opened all the windows over the weekend and I love the breezes blowing through.
9. My garden. The victory garden is in (with 2nd generation plants, since I brutally murdered my first batch) and I am loving my daily time in the dirt.
10. The way the Little Erises look in the morning. Their hair is all stand-up-ish and they just look adorable.
11. Soccer. It's here and it aint going anywhere so I am deciding spending my weekends at soccer games is awesome.

This is a partial list that will be updated throughout the next few days.
So what do you think is awesome?


The Numismatist said...

Taking an afternoon nap with Littlest and Zeus on each side of me.

Mrs. Dub said...

Snowbells and sleighbells and crisp apple struddles.

mfranti said...

are you riding from the train station?

the hills up second,third and fourth are brutal. if you go up south temple it's totally doable.

i can go up second south (the steepest) but i often choose not to.you can too. if you have to get off and walk from the bottom of 11th east to 13th.

The Duchess said...

I cannot wait for the pool!!!