Friday, May 22, 2009


When I was a teenager, my best friend and I had season passes to Lagoon. We went three or four times a week. Her mom would drop us off and Numi would pick us up at night, usually at 10. We would play all day, pick up boys (I got my first kiss from a boy I met at Lagoon), and generally stay in the park way too late. We would run out to meet Numi with some fastastic lie about my watch breaking, getting caught in a line when a ride broke, or my favorite (because it was completely below the belt): "No, you said 10:30. You must have forgotten." She never bought it and I always got in trouble - all because when I am having fun with a friend I lose track of time and get home late.

Yesterday I did the same thing. I had permission to stay late from school to play with mfranti. We swam and talked about bikes and went to the bookstore and rode through Downtown. I got on the train and had to call Numi and say, "I have no excuse. I just stayed and played too long."

She grounded me. And I deserve it.


The Numismatist said...

This mfranti person.. she sounds like trouble...

It's a good thing that Littlest was sleeping soundly and that I wasn't waiting in a parking lot at 10:30.

Wear your helmet.

mfranti said...

i always get you in trouble!!!

we did a few laps and lots of floating. i totally felt like a kid yesterday. riding bikes in that perfect weather.

/sigh. i wish everyday can be fun.