Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Believe the Word You are Looking for is: DUH!

Last night Little Mr. Eris had a soccer game at 5:30. I was thrilled because my Monday night class was cancelled so we could each meet individually with the professor to discuss our final projects. I met with her in her office and we chatted for a bit - but she was really busy, so I left. The I went to my early class and headed home from school to cheer on the Crossfire.

Today I got an email informing me of all the stuff that was decided during class last night. Wait, last night? How is that possible? Yeah, I messed up the dates. Next week is when class is cancelled - I actually should have been there last night.

So I have emailed my professor and am now sitting here completely mortified that I could be that stupid.


The Numismatist said...


Look on the bright side. You get next Monday off, too. And by the way, that soccer game was awesome!

athena said...

You would never let your students out of it! I've heard you talk and you are a mean teacher!

athena said...

Karma Karma Karma

Mrs. Dub said...