Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My first car was a 1988 Geo Metro. It was gray with a kick-ass stereo and TWO OPTIONAL CUP HOLDERS! That was pretty big back then. I loved this car. It took me to school every morning for practice or early morning seminary. It took me to and from work at the Blockbuster. It did this all taking two weeks to use up a tank of gas. I have so many fond memories of this car...

1. My 1993 boyfriend lived in Holliday and I lived in Ogden. I could drive to his house 3 times in one week, in addition to my regular activities, on one tank of gas.

2. The speaker box was stolen out of the back one night. When the speaker was returned and the car repaired I installed a body guard: a cardboard cut-out of Wesley Snipes' head from the Sugar Hill standee. It rocked - and no one ever messed with the Big H again.

3. The Numismatist once found my 1994 boyfriend's boxers under the passenger seat. "Do you want to explain this?" It was a very innocent and boring explanation and she bought it. How pathetically lame was I?

4. Horatio survived a car accident in 1993, only to be taken too soon in 1994 by a driver who turned left in front of me. We knew it was time to pull the plug when we realized the clutch was stuck into the floor board. I miss him every day, especially at the gas pump.


KFinley said...

R.I.P. Horatio. Long live our first cars...which is odd considering that my first car was even older than yours and is still running! I love your cars body guard though! Go Blade Go!

KFinley said...
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