Friday, July 25, 2008

Confession and a Welcome

This morning I slept in. Late. I decided to skip my run and stay in bed. Hey! I'm going camping tonight and my running buddy (R.B.) and I have already made plans to try out a new trail up there, so it's not like I'm cheating or anything. Right?

The whole time I vascillated between getting up or not I knew that I would feel guilty if I stayed in bed. I just got of the phone with R.B. and she said she found this awesome new trail with lots of steep climbs and big rocks... damnit! I missed it and I feel horrible that she had to run alone this morning.

I swear I'm not skipping another day unless I have the flu or something. The guilt and envy are killing me!

And now, a welcome: Athena has started a blog. This is very cool for several reasons. First, I can't wait to see how many consecutive posts she can incorporate the f-word (I have often suspected this would be the basis of a fun drinking game). Second, I am super impressed with her address: warandorder. Very her. And finally, there are very few experiences in life I had before she did, except hitting 5'4" of course, and so it's nice for me to watch her enter this new stage of womanhood. Welcome to you, Athena. Now go forth and gripe!


Numismatist Facts said...

Re: Confession. You can get away with missing once. After that it gets way to easy to come up with excuses. By the way, I am getting a kick out of watching you get hooked on those endorphins. Yummm.

Re: Welcome. We might all be in trouble now. This will be verrryy interesting.....

athena said...

HEY! I made it one post with out the *f* word! Baby steps.