Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Bicycle Has It Easy

I am trying to plan a girl's night out with my mother and some friends. I have been waiting breathlessly for Mama Mia! as I am both ape-crazy in love with Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth and I love ABBA music. (This movie is a sing-along experience right?)

Anyway, Mrs. Dub and I are struggling with finding babysitters: she because her parents are out of town, and me because my usual babysitter is going to the movie with me. Oh, and both of our husbands will be at poker night. So here's the question: why is it our plans that have to be tentative pending childcare? Why do the boys get their monthly boy's night out (in fact they get TWO!) with no concern for babysitting, but when we want to go to a movie for the second time in a year ~gasp!~ we have to be in charge of this?

Gloria Steinham had it half right, except at least I could get around town on a bicycle.


Muriel said...

Amen! I'm facing the same dilemma as we speak.

Jodi said...

I totally concur! (hope that's how you spell it) Anyway what gives? Totally not fair and it's clearly a universal dilema.