Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Put it in Writing

I finished book three of the Twilight series today. Yeah, I started book one on Friday night and am now done with all of them. I am going through such serious withdrawls (since finishing at 1!) that I have been actively stalking the author and the movie online. I have problems.

Good news from the stalking front though, Stephenie Meyer has posted the first chapter of Edward's version of Twilight on her website. Um, it's on my desktop now, so I can read it later tonight after I do my regular stuff.

In short: Duchess, call ASAP as we have much to discuss - including our date on December 12 to see the movie. And, I believe you and your little friend who started this whole obsession owe Mr. Eris an apology for getting me hooked on this.


Athena said...

I have read all of them too!

I love them and understand the withdrawls you are going through!

Muriel said...

Oh yeah, I've already read most of the Edward chapter. It's pretty cool. I want to come on your date to the movie. Would I be crashing?

Eris said...

Meemoo, of course you are invited to the date! We can make it a whole weekend. The Edward chapter was very cool - I am anxious for a whole book, which she says will come, just not for a while.

The Duchess said...

Smile (smugly).

C&K Finley said...

Oh my goodness! I love those books! Edward's chapter was great - I love reading his perspective!

Has anyone read her new novel, "Host"? It looks interesting, haven't been able to find it at the library yet!