Friday, May 02, 2008


I am a NAVY Brat. Born on a NAVY base, I don't think you get much brattier than that. I used to have a sweatshirt that proudly advertised this fact. Lately, not so much about the bragging about it. Long story.

Little Mr. and I have become completely engrossed in CARRIER, a 10-part documentary on the USS Nimetz deployment in the Persian Gulf. I am fascinated by this series - so much so that I watch it when it airs primetime and then at midnight when it re-airs. They tackle some very sensitive subjects and show the most personal moments. I cannot tell you how good it is. Fascinating. I have been on the edge of my seat.

Tonight they came home... and it was wonderful and horrible and everything else. Oh, and I finally got to see Lemoore! The sign said, "Historic"?

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Numismatist Facts said...

I believe that Lemoore received the "Historic" designation in 1976.