Monday, February 18, 2008

Meemoo Rocks!

I shared the puking in the car memory on your blog, Meemoo, but I wanted to make sure I shared something nicer: I'm glad we kidnapped you and Mitchell in 2001 for a trip to S.M. (the photo is from your first trip to my house!) and I am so grateful for your friendship, and the fact that you and I both married big studly, geeks, so we could do things like:
- stay up all night talking the first night we met Matt;
- pull an all-night drive and go to a Broncos game;
- watch comic-book themed movies;
- play in Disneyland with my mom, and stay at your parents' house (why did they move?!);
- abuse my shoe discount;
- do scrapbooks with your sister (while Clay walked around shirtless);
- buy a red rug in Greely.

You're the best - Happy Birthday!

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Muriel said...

Aw, thanks Eris, you're so sweet. I look forward to many more trips in the future. Hopefully, from now on Mr. Meemoo will join us and Mr. Eris won't have to go to church ever again with me posing as his second wife. The fact that we've done that more than once says something doesn't it?

Look how young we all look! I have no recollection of that picture being taken (maybe that's because my eyes are closed).